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The science of saving lives.

The science of saving lives.

Immunohematology | ID-MTS Gel Test


ID-Micro Typing System™ Gel Test™
So advanced, it's replacing tube technology.
The ID-Micro Typing System™ (ID-MTS) Gel Test has become the new serological standard for blood banks. The ID-MTS is suitable for a broad range of blood bank applications - applications that include antibody screening and identification, ABO blood grouping and Rh phenotyping, compatibility testing, reverse serum grouping and antigen typing, all using proven serologic methods.

ID-MTS offers many advantages over traditional methods:

•  Improved sensitivity and specificity
•  No-wash antiglobulin procedure
•  Standardized procedures
•  Improved turnaround time
•  Enhanced regulatory compliance

The ID-Micro Typing System
Safe. Cost effective. Easy to use.
Because the ID-Micro Typing System Gel Test requires fewer procedural steps, it's easier to perform and more cost effective than other serological methods. Plus, reduced handling means fewer operator errors and more objective interpretation of results.Testing is performed in a prefilled card containing gel mixed with the appropriate reagent. Simply pipette, incubate, spin and read. Results are ready to report, without the need for cell washing, red cell resuspension or tube shaking. The result is optimized utilization of personnel, simplified training and increased cross-training opportunities for improved productivity and greater workflow efficiency.

The ID-Micro Typing System
Superior sensitivity, specificity and standardization.
The ID-Micro Typing System offers a new level of sensitivity, specificity and standardization for blood bank serological testing-using proven technology. The gel test eliminates technique-dependent variables, which can affect test sensitivity and specificity. Clear, stable, well-defined endpoints mean objective, consistent and reproducible interpretation of test results along with a reduction in repeats. What's more, the ID-MTS Gel Test helps laboratories address regulatory issues. Enhanced cGMP compliance is attained through standardized procedures and simplified training. Minimal handling of reagents and samples increases biosafety, while test performance verification, validation guidance and NCCLS-formatted SOPs are provided to ensure easy implementation.

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