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Solutions that drive knowledge. Solutions that drive knowledge.

Solutions that drive knowledge.

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Integration isn’t a new idea. So before we even considered designing an integrated system, we looked for ways to improve the concept. After studying the workflow, sample/test mix patterns and turnaround time goals of laboratories worldwide, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics created the VITROS® 5600 Integrated System. This high-capacity system, the first of its kind, uses “integration by design” to:

·       Increase capacity with 150 reagent positions that allow over 100 assays to be
    on-board at once
·       Provide greater efficiency, lower maintenance and minimal calibration by
    integrating our proven
MicroSlide, MicroTip, MicroWell, Intellicheck and
MicroSensor technologies
·       Optimize turnaround time and productivity through innovative Sample
    Centered processing 

·       Provide high reportable result efficiency that improves labor effectiveness and
    cuts costs

·       Verify system processing and result reporting while reducing errors
·       Deliver more of what you need most—quality, improved productivity and ease
    of use.

VITROS®  5600