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The science of saving lives.

The science of saving lives.


Transfusion Medicine | Immunohematology



 The first fully automated blood bank instrument for the North American market to be based on the ID-MTS™ Gel Test™.

Operational Improvement – Eliminate labor-intensive, time-consuming processes while increasing productivity via random access, discrete testing and continuous throughput.

Cost Effectiveness – The instrument provides the ability to increase capacity while maintaining labor efficiencies

Risk Management – ORTHO ProVue® enhances process control with dispense verification, bar-code tracking from start to finish, and multi-level password protection. Quality control features monitor reagent expiration, gel card integrity, and can reduce transcription errors due to a bi-directional interface.

ID-MTS™ GEL Test™ Technology – With over 2,300 users in North America, this patented technology, based on column agglutination, can standardize your blood bank’s complete menu of testing.


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Manual Tube


Manual Gel





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Flexible, powerful automation to meet your changing laboratory needs.

 A Choice of Automation Platforms.

 Regardless of the type or size of your facility, Ortho offers a variety of affordable and flexible instrument platforms. Since the ID-MTS™ Gel Test™ requires no wash steps or multiple reagent additions, it is easily automated with a choice of affordable and flexible instrument platforms. These solutions secure positive patient identification, increase efficiencies and maximize the use of resources.

 A variety of options with varying degrees of automation to meet your specific laboratory need is available:

·         ID-MTS™ Manual GEL Workstation™

·         ORTHO ProVue™