VITROS® 350 Chemistry System

VITROS<sup>®</sup> 350 Chemistry System
Providing fast, accurate results is a necessity—even for small labs—with growing pressure to reduce errors and cut costs in the midst of increased demands and significant staffing shortages. The VITROS® 350 System is a compact chemistry system designed to be efficient, dependable, and, above all, easy to use as a primary, STAT, or backup system.

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Benefits & Features

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Get secure results

Increase confidence in results with unique sample processing capabilities, including single-use disposable tips, bubble and clot detection. Achieve fewer repeats, redraws, and dilutions than with traditional liquid systems. And avoid testing delays with self-monitoring that alerts operators to take prompt action.

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Meet increased demand with true workflow and testing consolidation

Generate up to 300 results per hour* with 40+ onboard chemistries. Deliver immediate results for STAT or routine testing and disease-focused panels with a wide, accessible onboard menu. Conduct random testing of serum, plasma, and urine at any time with MicroSlide technology and onboard dilution. And improve your lab’s productivity and turnaround time with primary tube sampling and optional positive sample identification (PSID).

*Depending on chemistry mix/panels run

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Contain costs and save space

Lower your lab’s total costs with increased reportable result efficiency, fewer errors and interventions, and more effective staff utilization. With no plumbing, drains, vents, or deionized water, VITROS® technology delivers predictable financials and eliminates hidden costs, maintenance, and productivity issues associated with alternative systems. And the system’s small footprint requires less space and overhead expenses.

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Make the most of a limited staff

Train and cross-train operators quickly and easily with simple procedures that allow all members of your lab to access the system anytime, day or night. Reduce the number of hands-on tasks with automatic urine dilutions and on-demand serum dilutions. And rely on “load-and-go” reagent preparation, MicroSlide Technology, and extended calibration stability—so you can rededicate staff to value-added tasks.


The VITROS® 350 System menu of quality assays includes assays in these disease areas:
  • Chemistry
  • TDM
  • Proteins
  • Diabetes
VITROS<sup>®</sup> Menu of Assays
VITROS menu of Assays

Download the full menu of assays for the VITROS® Family of Systems


VITROS® MicroSlide Technology

VITROS<sup>®</sup> MicroSlide Technology icon

High-quality results, minimal operator interventions, exceptional ease of use and 95% reportable result efficiency with innovative layered dry slide technology1

1. Internal data on file. Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

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Measurement & Capacity

Measurement Principles:
+ Potentiometric (direct ISE)
+ Colormetric/Rate
+ Immuno-rate

On-Board Test Capacity:
+ 3600 tests


Sample Types:
+ Serum
+ Plasma
+ Urine

Sample Volume:
+ 5-11 µL

Sample Capacity:
+ 40 samples (4 trays of 10 samples)

Sample Containers:
+ 10mL, 7mL, 5mL, and 2–4mL Collection Tubes
+ 1mL Microtube
+ 0.5mL and 2mL Microsample cups

Sample Management:
+ Clot Detection
+ Bubble Detection
+ Liquid Level-Sensing (Pressure Transducer)
+ Short-Sample Detection

Processing & Automation

Processing Time:
+ Time for Single Results: ~ 2.5 to 8 minutes
+ Potentiometric: ~ 2.5 minutes
+ Colormetric: ~ 5 minutes
+ Immuno-rate: ~ 8 minutes

Automated Technology (optional):
+ Includes automatic tip loading and deep tube sampling


+ Extended
+ Multiple lots supported


For IFUs, SDSs, and other technical documentation, see Technical Documents