VITROS® 4600 Chemistry System

VITROS<sup>®</sup> 4600 Chemistry System
Every day, labs like yours face the challenge of improving patient care while balancing staffing, compliance, and total operating cost containment. With proven technologies and a comprehensive chemistry menu for both routine and specialty testing, the VITROS® 4600 System is designed to help you confidently and efficiently deliver chemistry results to the physicians and patients who depend on you.

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Benefits & Features

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Improve results quality, evaluation, and trending

Increase confidence in result quality by eliminating carryover with the system’s disposable, single-use tip design. And improve result evaluation and trending ability within peer groups with configurable assay ranges that account for 7 demographic attributes for greater specificity.

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Boost productivity while containing costs

Improve your productivity—and your budget—predictably with extended calibration times, uninterrupted walkaway operation, and less required maintenance. At the same time, tailor the instrument to your lab’s workflow with adjustable thresholds for onboard inventories, calibration expirations, and diluent volumes/expirations.

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Simplify operations and streamline training and resources

Simplify the operation of your lab, streamline operator training, and boost workflow—while better managing costs—with the VITROS® x600 Systems’ standardized User Interface. The interface also improves sample integrity traceability, while the editable maintenance log simplifies record keeping, allowing maintenance steps to be recorded directly on the system and reviewed or printed at the touch of a button.

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Maximize uptime and help to ensure continued support

Resolve technical issues quickly with highly secure, real-time, 2-way communication between your system and our support teams. And take advantage of additional process consulting and laboratory design services, as well as call centers, proactive monitoring, and experienced field engineers to improve efficiency.

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Train operators quickly and effectively

Get your staff up to speed quickly and effectively with start-up training and ongoing education. Our training programs have received an outstanding satisfaction rating and feature classroom, onsite, and online options to suit your needs.

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The VITROS 4600® System covers assays across a range of disease areas, including:
  • Chemistry
  • TDM
  • DAT & Toxicology
  • Metabolic
  • Proteins
  • Diabetes
  • Immunosuppressants
VITROS<sup>®</sup> Menu of Assays
VITROS® Menu of Assays

Download the full menu of assays for the VITROS® Family of Systems


VITROS® MicroSlide Technology

VITROS<sup>®</sup> MicroSlide Technology icon

High-quality results, minimal operator interventions, exceptional ease of use, and 95% reportable result efficiency with innovative layered dry slide technology1

1. Data on file. Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

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VITROS® MicroTip Technology

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Special chemistry menu offerings and user-defined assays without the cost, maintenance, carryover, and contamination risks of traditional water-based systems

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VITROS® MicroSensor™ Technology

VITROS<sup>®</sup> MicroSensor™ Technology

Reduced time, labor, and error potential with endogenous interferences detection and flagging that requires no reagent or extra consumables

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VITROS® Intellicheck® Technology

VITROS<sup>®</sup> Intellicheck<sup>®</sup> Technology icon

Accurate and efficient result reporting with innovative Intellicheck® Technology

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System Dimensions

+ Width: 2.34 m (92.2 in)
+ Depth: 0.84 m (33.4 in)
+ Height: 1.33 m (52.5 in)
+ Weight: 640 kg (1400 lb)

Power & Environment

+ Line Voltage: 1 dedicated 20-amp power line, nominal 200–240 V AC
+ Line Frequency: 47–63 Hz

+ Operating temperature: 15°–30°C (59°–86°F)
+ Ambient relative humidity: 15%75% RH
+ Altitude: up to 2,439 m (8000 ft)
+ Plumbing: No water or drain required; self-contained onboard waste management eliminates special requirements for offboard plumbing


+ No preparation,* no mixing or reconstitution required for Integrated Reagent Packs, Electrolyte Reference Fluid (ERF), or Immuno-Wash Fluid (IWF)
+ Onboard stability up to 35 days
+ Shelf life stability up to 18 months from date of manufacture**
+ Onboard test capacity:
  • Up to 8940 tests
  • 125 reagent/diluent positions:
    • 89 MicroSlide Cartridges (18, 50, or 60 tests/cart)
    • 36 MicroTip Packs (50, 75, or 100 tests/pack)
    * Except Caffeine and % Hemoglobin A1c
    ** Gentamicin: 24 months; Caffeine: 36 months

Calibration & Throughput

+ 25 lots per assay may be calibrated with automatic lot switching
+ MicroSlide and MicroTip assays stable up to lot change*
+ Random-access calibration
+ Bar-coded calibrators for MicroSlide assays

+ Maximum theoretical throughput is up to 845 tests per hour
+ Actual throughput will vary by test mix and sample workflow


* Except Caffeine and % Hemoglobin A1c



Sample Capacity:
+ Continuous load and unload
+ 150 routine samples in Universal Sample Trays
+ 10 samples in dedicated STAT lane

Sample Containers:
+ Universal Sample Trays accommodate:
  • 5mL, 7mL, and 10mL collection tubes
  • Microcollection containers
  • VITROS® microsample cups and 0.5mL and 2.0mL cups

Data & Communications

Data Storage:

+ Read/write disk drive for data input and archiving
+ USB flash drive (memory stick) capabilities
+ 10,000 sample programs
+ 25,000 samples with ability to archive and retrieve through CD-ROM or USB flash drive

+ Laboratory Information System (LIS):
  • Bidirectional interface for ASTM and HL7 protocols
  • Broadcast download and Host Query


For IFUs, SDSs, and other technical documentation, see Technical Documents