VITROS® ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System

VITROS<sup>®</sup> ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System
Whether it’s routine or specialty immunodiagnostic testing, accurate results are critical for the doctors and patients whose treatment decisions depend on them. The VITROS® ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System is a versatile system that verifies and documents each step throughout processing. This means you can count on the result integrity and quality you need to confidently deliver the results that matter.

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Benefits & Features

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Reduce errors and increase result quality

Significantly reduce analytical errors with proprietary Intellicheck® Technology and enjoy worry-free result reporting with the IntelliReport, which provides real-time status on the quality of every patient result. In addition, unique short sample, clot, and bubble detection offers greater security and single-use disposable tips eliminate sample carryover and cross contamination.

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Increase result integrity for quality result reporting

Help to ensure the integrity of results with patient samples and reagents automatically metered into MicroWells, dual-logic processing for optimal assay performance and throughput, and Intellicheck® Technology verification at each step

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Optimize labor efficiency to meet increased demand

Optimize efficiency by reducing operator intervention with the ability to load up to 20 Integrated Reagent Packs at any one time, which can be stored on-board for continuous, random access operation. The VITROS® ECiQ produces up to 90 results per hour (depending on test mix), helping your lab to meet increased demand. In addition, minimal maintenance, including no tubing cleaning or replacement, and no priming of reagents—even for start-up operations—means less operator intervention and true walk-away automation.

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Contain costs and save resources

Save costs and plan ahead with patented VITROS® Technologies designed to deliver predictable financials and eliminate many of the hidden costs that can be associated with other immunoassay analyzers. The VITROS® ECiQ’s small footprint and no plumbing, drains, vents, or deionized water—combined with increased reportable results efficiency, fewer errors and interventions, and more effective staff utilization—lead to low total costs.

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Maximize uptime and help ensure consistent support

Resolve technical issues quickly with highly secure, real-time, 2-way communication between your system and our support teams. And take advantage of additional process consulting and laboratory design services, as well as call centers, proactive monitoring, and experienced field engineers to improve efficiency.

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Quickly and easily train staff

Quickly and easily train and cross-train staff members of all skill levels with an intuitive, easy-to use, color-coded graphical interface and built-in monitoring and reporting technologies. Start-up training and ongoing education programs can also improve laboratory efficiencies.

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Explore the VITROS ECiQ menu of assays:
  • Cardiology
  • Endocrine
  • Infectious Disease
  • Thyroid
  • Anemia
  • Metabolic
  • Prenatal
  • Infectious Disease
  • Oncology
VITROS<sup>®</sup> Menu of Assays
VITROS® Menu of Assays

Download the full menu of assays for the VITROS® Family of Systems


VITROS® MicroWell Technology

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Fewer unnecessary dilutions, repeats, and redraws with Enhanced Chemiluminesce detection

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VITROS® Intellicheck® Technology

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Accurate and efficient result reporting with innovative Intellicheck® Technology

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System Dimensions

+ Width: 111.8 cm (44 in)
+ Depth: 73.7 cm (29 in)
+ Height: 130.2 cm (51.25 in)
+ Weight: 366 kg (807 lb)

Power & Environment

+ Line Voltage: Dedicated, single-phase AC power line 200–240 V AC
+ Line Frequency: 50–60 Hz
+ Average Heat Output: 4100 BTUs per hour
+ Operating Temperature: 15°–30°C (59°–86° F)
+ Ambient Relative Humidity: 15%–75% RH noncondensing
+ Altitude: -0.1524/2.439 km (-500/8000 ft)
+ Plumbing:
  • No water or drain required
  • Self-contained, onboard liquid waste management eliminates special requirements for offboard plumbing


+ No preparation
+ No mixing and reconstitution required for Integrated Reagent Packs, Signal Reagent, and Universal Wash Reagent
+ Onboard test capacity:
  • Up to 2000 assays
  • Up to 20 different Integrated Reagent Packs
    • 100 assays each
    • Resident on-board simultaneously
    • Automatic, self-contained, temperature and humidity controlled Reagent Supply

Calibration & Throughput

+ Multiple lots may be precalibrated with automatic lot switching
  • Up to 28 days
  • Process: Random Access Calibration with Automatic Result Protection; 25 calibrations across 16 lots per assay

+ Up to 90 reportable patient results per hour


Sample Capacity:
+ 60 samples in Universal Sample Trays

Sample Containers:
+ Universal Sample Trays accommodate:
  • 10 mL, 7 mL, and 5 mL collection tubes
  • 1.5 mL micro-collection containers
  • VITROS Microsample cups and 0.5mL and 2.0mL cups


+ Laboratory Information System (LIS):
  • Bidirectional interface for ASTM and Kermit protocols
  • Broadcast download 4 RS 232 serial ports


For IFUs, SDSs, and other technical documentation, see Technical Documents