A blood banker’s job is critical, yet labs face growing pressure to find new efficiencies and do more with less. The ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer was developed to meet the unique needs of immunohematology labs through the proprietary benefits of Responsive Automation. This analyzer not only raises the bar in transfusion medicine—it redefines it.

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Benefits & Features

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Secure monitoring technologies

Provide responsive safety checks and balances to give blood bankers the ability to monitor every critical step in the automation process:

  • Proprietary Intellicheck® Technology: Verifies, documents, and resolves diagnostic checks throughout sample processing
  • e-Connectivity® technology: 24/7 remote data tracking monitors and ensures instrument performance while maximizing uptime
  • Advanced image verification: Provides prequalification check of the front and back of every ORTHO BioVue® Cassette
  • Virtual collaboration: Lab staff can log on from anywhere for real-time interaction to review results

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Dynamic workflow management

Designed to respond to your unique lab with customization features and the adaptability to accommodate unpredictable workflows while reducing the need for batch testing:

  • Continuous access: Load on the fly enables efficient test processing, which allows for prioritization of STAT requests while handling full test volume
  • Extensive menu: Ability to automate the full range of immunohematology testing, including serial dilutions for titration studies and selected cell panels
  • Self-regulating: Minimum 4-hour walk-away time under fully loaded conditions and up to 24 hours of productivity1 allow valuable resources to be dedicated to value-added tasks
  • Improved utilization:Has the capability to use the entire ORTHO BioVue® Cassette compared to ORTHO AutoVue® Innova System
  • Intuitive interface: User-friendly design makes it easy to find precisely what you need, which boosts the speed and precision of your lab’s decision-making capabilities
  • ORTHO BioVue® CAT Cassettes: Utilisation of trusted column agglutination technology known for its premium accuracy and standardised results offer the required sensitivity and specificity
1. Data on file. Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

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Partner with us for continued support

Partnership with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics means a support team that responds when you need them.

ORTHO Beyond the Instrument (OBI) is a total laboratory solution engineered to enhance the value of ownership. With OBI, the ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer is backed by companion products, customer support, educational resources, and a committed expert team from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. Our consultative approach allows us to anticipate and respond to your lab’s unique challenges with a focus on improving process excellence and patient safety.

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Test Types

The ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer automates the full range of immunohematology testing including serial dilutions for titration studies and selected cell panels, which helps to eliminate manual testing—even specialty testing.
Examine the extensive menu of tests:

  • ABO/RH/Reverse
  • ABO/RH
  • Antibody Screen
  • Antibody Identification
  • Selected Cell Panel
  • RH/K Phenotype
  • Donor Confirmation
  • Crossmatch (Major)
  • Crossmatch (Minor)
  • Extended Antigen Typing
  • DAT
  • DAT Breakdown
  • Serial Dilutions for Titration Studies


System Dimensions


+ Width: 107.4 cm (42.3 in)
+ Depth: 77 cm (30.31 in)
+ Height: 88.9 cm (35 in)
+ Height with maintenance door open: 137 cm (54 in)
+ Weight: 190 kg (419 lb)

Power & Environment

+ One dedicated (3-wired single phase; line-neutral and single circuit)
+ AC power line for connection to facility power
+ Input Voltage: 100–240 V AC 50/60 Hz 1000 VA
+ e-Connectivity® Technology ready

+ Operating Temperature: 18–30° C (64.4–86.0° F)
+ Site Relative Humidity: 15–85% RH (non-condensing)
+ Maximum Altitude: 2438.0 m (8000 ft)
+ Heat Output: 3412 BTU/hr


Supported sample types:
+ Centrifuged whole blood
+ Plasma and Serum

Supported sample tube sizes:
+ 16 x 100 mm, 16 x 75 mm
+ 12–13 x 100 mm, 12–13 x 75 mm
+ 10.25 x 75 mm, 10.25 x 64 mm, 10.25 x 47 mm
+ 15 x 92 mm Sarstedt 01.1605.100
+ 13 x 90 mm Sarstedt 04.1931.100
+ 2.0 mL and 1.5 mL micro-collection containers
+ Wide variety of pediatric tubes

Sample and test processing:
+ Continuous, random, STAT access and batch

Capacity & Performance

+ 42 patient samples
+ 140 ORTHO BioVue® Cassettes
+ 33 vials (3 mL) or 18 vials (10 mL) reagents
+ 10 cassettes per centrifuge X 2 centrifuges

Sample and test performance characteristics:
+ Column Agglutination Technology using ORTHO BioVue® Cassettes


System computer and interface specifications:
+ Bidirectional protocols for a Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • LIS interface via 1 of 3 user-configurable physical interfaces (ASTM over RS-232, ASTM over TCP/IP, or Network shared folder)
  • ASTM protocol configurable to 1 of 3 options (Basic, Enhanced, or Vision)
+ Remote Review Capable

Communication ports:
+ 1 DB-9 serial port (RS-232 port for LIS support)
+ 5 V 2.0/V 1.1 USB ports are available


For IFUs, SDSs, and other technical documentation, see Technical Documents